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Dec 1, 2018

Launch of the first generics

Version française

Steinhausen, December 1, 2018 – Mylan Pharma GmbH («Mylan») today introduced its first generic products in the Swiss market.

Mylan has entered the Swiss pharmaceutical market by taking over BGP Products GmbH (a pharmaceutical division of Abbott) in 2015 and Meda Pharma GmbH in 2016. Referring to this legacy, some of Mylan’s prescription and over the counter products are present in Switzerland since 55 years. The brands and the dedicated salesforce behind are therefore well established in the Swiss market. «We have built long-standing relationships with our customers who trust in the quality of our originator portfolio. Complementary to our innovative products, we can now offer high quality generics. This puts us in a unique position to broaden the existing partnerships», says Eric Nowak, Country Manager Mylan Switzerland.

For nearly 60 years, Mylan’s mission is grounded in the belief that every person matters and should have the opportunity to live the healthiest life possible. Therefore, providing access to medicine is part of our DNA. By offering affordable medicines with high quality, such as generics, Mylan is increasing access for patients while at same time providing cost-effectiveness for the Swiss health system. In view of Mylan’s expertise in the global generic business – both in Europe and the US –  the market entry in Switzerland appears a logical step. In France for example, Mylan is the number one supplier of generic drugs by sales volume and value. Mylan Italy obtains the second rank in the local generic industry (volume and value). Eric Nowak on the long-term vision of Mylan Pharma GmbH in Switzerland: «As a worldwide player with an extensive tradition in the field, we want to offer affordable medicine of high quality to patients in Switzerland and thus to make our contribution to positively influence spending on healthcare.» Mylan intends to continuously grow the generics portfolio by evaluating compounds which will be generic in the coming years. In addition to the generic assortment and to further diversify and strengthen the portfolio, Mylan is also working on introducing biosimilars into the Swiss product mix in the near future.

Mylan in Switzerland

Mylan is represented in Switzerland by its European headquarters, the Swiss branch Mylan Pharma GmbH located in Steinhausen near Zug and Meda Pharma GmbH in Wangen. Currently, more than 140 employees work here in both national and international functions. With our prescription drugs and our over-the-counter products, Mylan Pharma GmbH covers therapeutic areas such as gastroenterology, allergology, cardiology, women's health, CNS/pain, dermatology, infectious diseases and oral care. Some of our medicines have been helping patients in Switzerland for more than 55 years. In 2018, we have launched our first generic product line to further diversify our portfolio. Mylan is committed to ensuring the highest quality for all our products, this is why we apply one global quality standard across all our facilities and markets. Find out more at www.mylan.ch.

Zum Generika Portfolio

Last Updated:  03/12/2018