Terms of Use

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Terms of Use

These websites are operated by Mylan Pharma GmbH (“Mylan”).

Terms of Use

By opening/visiting these websites, you agree to and accept the following terms of use and liability, as amended.

If you do not agree to the terms of use and liability, the websites should not be used.

Please note that the terms of use and liability are amended from time to time without a separate reference being made in this regard. The terms of use and liability should therefore be read again prior to each use of the websites.

Please note that the content of these websites is intended only for users in Switzerland.


Mylan has compiled the content of these websites with care and in accordance with the current state of scientific knowledge. Nevertheless, Mylan does not provide any guarantee with respect to the accuracy, completeness, clarity, currentness, or quality of the content on these websites. 


As a service to users, the Internet pages may contain links or references to Internet pages of third parties. Mylan is not responsible for the links or references to third party websites. The access and use of such third party websites is at the users own risk. Mylan expressly declares that it has no influence on the content, design and offers of the linked third party websites. Information and services of linked websites are entirely the responsibility of the respective third parties. Mylan assumes no responsibility for them and disclaims any liability.

Mylan has checked the third party content at the time of the initial linking to the website to see whether it might cause civil or criminal liability. However, Mylan does not constantly check the contents to which it refers in its offer for changes that could give rise to new liability. If it is established or pointed out by others that a concrete offer to which a link has been provided triggers civil or criminal liability, the link to this offer will be removed.

If you become aware of any impermissible or offensive content on third-party websites to which you gain access via a link on our websites, please inform us of this immediately.

Limitation of Liability

Mylan does not assume any liability for direct and/or indirect damage that occurs in connection with using the information provided on our websites and/or visiting these websites (including downloads, computer viruses, installation and use of software) and/or in connection with the failure to use the information provided on these websites, unless Mylan is responsible for gross negligence or intent. Compensation claims resulting from the injury to life, limb, or health are not limited by the above-mentioned provision. 


Unless indicated otherwise, Mylan holds the rights to the content of these websites (particularly to the information, materials, and programs they contain). The exploitation of content on these websites, including portions thereof, particularly for use on other websites or in other programs, is not permitted without the prior written consent of Mylan.

The brands included on these websites (especially trademarks and trade names) have been registered on behalf of Mylan or an affiliate of Mylan and are protected in Switzerland and other countries.

Nothing relating to our websites should be interpreted in such a way that it would grant a right to a brand or permit the use of a brand without the explicit prior written consent of the respective copyright holder.

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